Dockets are coupons or codes that you can exchange in the game for unique weapons, outfits or other items.

We tend to issue new docket codes at our Social MediaOnce you redeem your docket codes, it is then possible to transfer them to your game and grab them from Aiden's stash in DYING LIGHT 2 after you've completed the Prologue ("The Markers of Plague" quest).
To do that, you need to link your account at to the platform you use to play the game (Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, Epic Games).

Having linked your gaming profiles, you'll be able to transfer your redeemed dockets into the game itself.

Lastly, remember these pro tips:

  • Redeem your codes as soon as possible (due to their expiration date)
  • Some codes unlock more than one docket
  • Follow Dying Light 2 Stay Human online (our videos and Social Media posts)