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an all-in-one hub for Dying Light fans.

The remaining human settlements are hundreds of kilometers apart. To travel between them, Pilgrims have created a network of hideouts where they can rest, refill on supplies, refine weaponry, and prepare for the next day.

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Spike Returns!

The legendary Pilgrim is back to guide you through the murky waters you might encounter on the foray.

Meet Spike in a dedicated online service for all fans, now a part of TechlandGG. It’s a place where you can experience the Dying Light world in a completely new way.

Looking for a challenge?

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For Pilgrims, navigating the dangerous world is second nature. They know well that with every hardship comes a reward. Go to Pilgrim Outpost to complete Bounties and rise through the ranks to equip yourself with The City's finest gear.

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New Reputation System

Worry not! Your profile will be migrated to the new Reputation system. You'll be sure to love it! And to make the change even better, we're giving away free Pilgrim Tokens to anyone who is transitioning from TechlandGG.