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Provide as many details about your issue as you can, please, such as:

  • a video or screenshots of the issue along with its location on the map,
  • a shot of the journal tab or skills,
  • the affected quest name,
  • information on how often something happens and whether it happens after a reboot etc.
  • information on whether the game has been updated throughout the existence of the affected save file, as there might be potential save incompatibility when the game version changes
  • the version of the game you are running - unless you can't start it at all, the number is visible in the bottom-right corner of the main in-game menu
  • information or screenshots of your settings in the video options menu

For Xbox consoles users:

Tell us your GAMERTAG, please.

For Windows® PC platform users:

Right-click the game in your Steam Library - go to Properties and enter these two commands, please:


(adds more informative logs)

(makes dumps)

Like so:

This will create more informative logs and dump files that help our team effectively recognize a given issue.

(Once the issue has been resolved, you can delete the above parameters.)

In addition to that, see if you can find the Build ID of your game in the Updates tab under Steam Properties of the game:

When it comes to the Epic Games Launcher, go to your Profile, select Settings and scroll down until you find the Dying Light 2 Stay Human entry. Click it, please:

You can now enable additional launching options that can be entered below, with the "-" symbol before them, like so:

Now, send us your message with the Build ID and a DirectX Diagnostic file generated on your system and a few Crash Log files along with any dumps attached to them, please.

DxDiag stands for DirectX Diagnostic tool, which collects  information about your computer hardware, operating system and installed drivers.

Whenever you meet a crash, low performance or some graphical issues - this information is important for troubleshooting.

The file does not contain any personal information, so it's fine to make it publicly available.


Here are the steps for you to follow in order to generate the file:

  1. Open the Windows desktop.
  2. Press Win+R on your keyboard (the Windows key and the key together) to open the Run window.
  3. In the "Open:" field of the Run window, type in dxdiag.
  4. Click OK or the Enter key to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  5. If prompted to check if your drivers are digitally signed, select Yes.
  6. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, click the Save All Information option.
  7. In the "Save As" window, information should be saved as a text (.txt) file.
  8. Choose a directory where the file will be saved and press the "Save" option.
  9. It's usually more convenient to use an accessible directory, such as your Desktop.
  10. Now you can send us your dxdiag.txt file in a ticket form.

Crash Log files, on the other hand, are created when you launch the game.

Even though their name suggests crashing, they also help us identify issues completely unrelated to crashes or freezes, which is why we would like you to send them to us.

Make sure these are the "right" logs for the issue you're about to describe, please, as the game creates a log each time you launch it.

Some of them create dump files and those are typically made when the issue is, in fact, related to a crash. So unless your game crashes, there's no need to search for them. You might find no .dmp files at all on your end and that's totally normal.

To find the .log files and their .dmp files, go to:

  • %userprofile%\Documents\dying light 2\out\logs 
  • %userprofile%\Documents\dying light 2\out\dumps

Our attachment limit is 20MB, so if the files are too large, you can pack them into a .zip or .7zip format.

Note that our team normally replies to your messages within 2 working days, though it may take longer depending on the volume of e-mails we receive.