Dying Light 2 Stay Human celebrates The Walking Dead comics’ 20th anniversary

We have to admit - working with the legendary comic book brand The Walking Dead was a big deal for us!

During the in-game event, you could collect seven comic books created by Marek Oleksicki ART, an acclaimed Polish comic book artist, and Łukasz Owdziej, our Senior Graphic Designer and a big fan of The Walking Dead series.

The Walking Dead Event was a week-long series made up of a variety of challenges, yielding different rewards. It lasted from July 26th to August 2nd 2023.

Each day, there was a new Personal Goal, such as killing enemies using ranged weapons or dismembering the infected, rewarded by a unique Comic Cover  – think Dying Light 2 Stay Human meets The Walking Dead aesthetic – that could be gathered by the player in-game.


For those seeking to complete the look, The Walking Dead Bundle is available for purchase – offering Rick Grimes’ Outfit as well as The Walking Dead Paraglider for added flavor.

But if iconic weapons are what you’re after, this bundle will also meet your needs, and then some. Lucille is, of course, the queen of that bunch – but Michonne’s Katana is no less emblematic of the comic book series.

Add to that Negan’s Knife, and you’ve got yourself an arsenal capable of repelling any enemy, alive or undead.

All three weapons are available with their blueprints.