Full patchnotes for Community Update #2 (1.9.0) can also be found at our official DL2 website.

09.02.2022 hotfix - patchnotes
Game Updates:
-Added "Reset Legend Levels'' option. Players who achieved at least the 50th Legend Level in the previous game version can now reset their progress once per save
-Fixed issue with the always “ON” NVIDIA Reflex option, which could cause performance drops on some PC configurations
-Fixed issue with the X13 Story Quest blocking access upon joining a co-op session just before finishing the quest
-Fixed issue with Dynamic Competition frequency setting. Selecting “OFF” in the options menu will save properly now when selected
-Fixed issue with Bloody Anniversary Charm missing inventory icon
-Player stash inventory space has been increased to 250 weapon item slots
-Fixed issue which prevented launching the game on Windows 7 platforms

Developer Tools Updates:
-More consistent projects list sorting
-Fixed projects not opening after moving the game file to another disk drive on Steam
-Fixed crashing when clicking on the track in the Timeline of the Dialogue Editor
-Fixed reverting docked windows size
-Fixed missing GPUfx emitters on the town map
-Fixed crashing when editing materials for terrain
-User can now also delete the few fixed materials for terrain
-Brushes are no longer copied between maps
-Fixed crashing when opening Developer Tools on Epic Games Store