After Update 1.5.0, called “Community Update,” we’ve decided to polish bugs and issues to make gameplay more pleasant. We’ve focused on performance issues and glitches that occurred after the recent update.

Check out a more detailed list below:

Gameplay Updates

Fixed an issue with a glitch that prevented finishing the game

There is a chance for the player to retrieve regular arrows and bolts after shooting at the enemy.

Fixed an issue where vendors were not functioning properly after co-op sessions

The player’s outfit no longer resets after changing gear

Fixed an issue where some consumables would disappear from the inventory, blocking the ability to progress in the story

Fixed spawn location during A Place to Call Home, which prevented progression in the story

Fixed an issue with the inability to sleep or fast travel after traveling to the second region of the game

Fixed an issue with added additional inhibitors for some cases after a recent update

Fixed an issue where Aiden had GRE Key from the start of the game, now Dylan hands it to you (before his miserable end)

Fixed a prompt during the Welcome on Board quest that prevented from progressing in the story

Co-op Updates

Fixed path collision that prevented progression in the story, if your friend blocked a pathway

UI/UX Updates

Performance and visual improvements in particle system

Journal performance improved, reducing the time to load quest details

Improved the quality of background texture in vendor and craftmaster menu

Fixed appearance of some meshes

Fixed wrong gear being displayed after re-equipping certain items a few times

Fixed SFX for barrels and Molotov cocktails, improving visuals

Fixed Landing Jump description to clear out the confusion

Technical Updates

Reduced the number of crashes on PlayStation 5

Fixed the black screen after the intro of the game on PlayStation 5 VRR

Fixed corrupted textures on PlayStation 5

Municipal Services achievement can be obtained as usual

Fixed an issue with crashes when entering the Player tab in the menu

Fixed some issues with falling under the map

… and 295 other minor fixes. Thanks for the continued support and feedback that you provide us on a daily basis!